Multi-Room & Video Systems

Enjoy the crystal clear sounds of digital quality audio in every room of your house

Technology has come a long way

Remember the days of bulky stereos and even bulkier speakers?


When each room of the house required its own cumbersome hi-fi system and an assortment of wires, plugs and cables? Technology has come a long way since then – a very long way.


Today, you can enjoy the crystal clear sounds of digital quality audio in every room of your house, without any bulky equipment, unsightly cables or cassette decks!

Sleek, sophisticated audio solution

Multi room audio offers a sleek, sophisticated home entertainment solution that supplies sound to every room of your house, individually.


This means that mom can listen to Madonna in the living room while dad enjoys Mozart in the study.


It also means that no one in the family has to listen to the Teletubbies ever again – except for those who actually want to!

The perfect ambiance to any setting

Multi-room audio is also a highly desired feature in offices, conference centres, entertainment venues and reception areas, creating the perfect ambience in any type of setting.


Sounds International’s multi-room audio products are designed for both private and commercial use. Contact us now to find out more about our superior home entertainment systems, and enjoy your favourite music wherever you are.

Home Entertainment Systems & Office Audio Solutions

Multiroom audio enables you to broadcast music or audio to multiple rooms in a single home or building. The advantages of this are clear, particularly in the home. With most family members bound to have different taste in music, it enables every member of the family to hum along to their heart’s content without aggravating anyone else. It also means that movies, sports games and karaoke can be enjoyed in a single home, all at the same time.


These home entertainment systems also make it possible for you to listen to your favourite tunes in any room, without having to relocate your hi-fi or deal with a mess of cables. Best of all, they are controlled at the touch of a button, using a simple handheld device.


In public spaces, multi audio systems are just as beneficial. Multiroom broadcasting enables announcements to be made in shopping centres, hospitals or doctors’ rooms, or to create the right atmosphere in offices, clubs, malls or entertainment destinations.

Multi Room Speaker

Cost-effective Multi-Room Audio Installations

Sounds International installs high-quality multiroom audio systems in homes and offices around South Africa.


Contact us today to get a quote, and transform your living and working areas with the latest multi room audio systems.