Home Theatre Systems

We help you to set up a private cinema in your own home.

Imagine recreating a cinematic experience in your very own home: Window-rattling action, 360° surround sound, crystal-clear images and vibrant, stunning colour.


Now add to this the ability to control the lighting, picture quality and sound, adjusting it to your own personal preferences, and you have a visual experience that’s even better than the big screen.


With Sound International’s sophisticated home theatre systems and surround audio products, you can create this very experience before the week is out. Combining the latest flat-screen televisions and high-powered speakers with components for optimal audiovisual quality, we help you to set up a private cinema in your own home with our home theatre systems and solutions.


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Home Theater & Surround Sound Tips

To get the most out of your home theater system, follow these tried-and-tested tips for the ultimate viewing experience:

Choose the right space. It might sound like a no-brainer, but selecting the right room for your home theatre system is critical. Choosing a room that is a little removed from the rest of the house will ensure an uninterrupted viewing experience that does not clash with – or disturb – other household activities.

Arrange the space properly. Once you’ve selected the ideal room for your home theatre system, be sure to set it up logically. For example, try to arrange it so that the door to the room allows for inconspicuous entering and exiting, rather than flooding the room with light or sound each time it is opened.

Consider the acoustics. While you might love your new home theatre and surround sound system, not everyone may share your enthusiasm – in particular, your neighbours or other family members. Find an affordable acoustic treatment to soundproof your room. This will benefit you, and everyone else, in equal parts.

Know how to optimise speaker placement. Correct speaker placement is vital to a satisfying audiovisual experience. Depending on the size and design of the room, your speakers will need to be placed in specific locations to ensure optimal audio quality. A professional home theater installer will be able to do this for you.

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Movies, Sports, Series & More: Your Personal Home Cinema Awaits!

Whether you’re watching the game with friends or settling in for a movie marathon, a home theater system offers unparalleled viewing pleasure.


And surprisingly, it’s more affordable than you might think!


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