About Us

We work with a number of leading entertainment-technology brands.

Sounds International born out of a passion for all things music.

Sounds International is based in Johnnesburg and established in 2005 by Cuan Du Chenne, a professional musician aiming to satisfy the obsession of fellow discerning music lovers.


Sounds International emerged as a result of Cuan’s insatiable love for all things music and his desire for you to share in this delight from the comfort of your home. Following many successful years of quality service in the industry this passion still emanates from the Sounds International ethos.

Through the offering of personalised assistance with a wide array of music-affiliated needs, Sounds International has proven itself as a leader in the industry. With the natural progression of technology and the development of Dolby Digital, the home cinema experience was born. Sounds International provides a true cinematic “surround sound” experience, boasting a comprehensive portfolio of bespoke home theatre systems, home automation  and CCTV systems. This service includes classic room and system design, meticulous construction, exclusive acoustic treatment and specialized equipment installation and commission.

Home Cinema, Home Theatre

Home Automation Solutions

In 2005 the catch phrase Home automation started to circulate as the embodiment of luxury. Through Cuan’s early adoption of Control 4 solutions, Sound International entered into this previously inaccessible arena of fully automated homes.


To date, Sounds International has created multiple tailored packages with successful installations into thousands of South African homes.

Client Satisfaction and Professional Rapport

Following extensive client satisfaction and professional rapport established in the residential market, public demands lead Sounds International into the Commercial sphere. We have subsequently installed audio/video distribution, CCTV, alarm systems, access control and video conferencing at some of the largest warehouses, shopping malls, retail chains stores and hi-tech boardrooms in South Africa.

Despite exponential growth since 2005, Cuan along with the Sounds International team holds fast to the age-old principals of a small family business.


Prioritising integrity and personal relationship all dealings with Sounds International welcomes you to the family!